Now Kaninika’s ‘companion’ Manjulika! Noise in Netpara


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This time the digital desk: Bhulbhulayara manjulika sign-ice world! So the noise in the netpara. ‘Manjulika’ has appeared to create a storm in the Sengupta family of ‘Ay Tabe Sahachari’. This is the demand of Rasip serial fans of Netpara. This social post is behind the demand of Barfi-Sai fans.

Vidya Balan’s Manjulika look in the movie Bhulbhulaiya with villain Debina has been found by a netizen. He claimed, ‘Seeing this look of Debina reminded me of Vidya Balan’s MANJULIKA LOOK. If Debina’s hair was a little messy, it would have cost half a manjulika even if it wasn’t complete. ‘ The rest of the serial fans have expressed their anger over the character of Debina by supporting the statement of a netizen. Someone said, ‘Nothing is better than conch shells.’ Someone says again, ‘Dakini-yogini next to mother Kali.’ Some have also praised the acting quality of the actress. With such a smile on Netpara, the popularity among the serial fans peaked.

Star Jalsa started this new series ‘Aaye Tabe Sahachari’ at the end of last year. Kaninika Banerjee is the main character in this series. This series tells the story of friendship between two women of unequal age. At present, according to the thread of the story, Sengupta will not appear at the house to take the life of the main character of the serial starring Sahachari i.e. Kaninika. Sahachari’s husband Samresh Sengupta is a college student and also his girlfriend Debina. Debina did not come to this house due to the conspiracy of some members of the family to evict the companion from Sengupta’s family.

On the other hand, Barfi is also jumping to save Sai’s family. Debina’s deception is all in front of the blunt ice. In the latest episode of the serial, the real face of father Samresh Sengupta has been leaked to his cousin Tipu. Tipu left his father for the first time in his life knowing his father’s illicit relationship with Debina. With the support of the boy in which sector will the life of the companion? Which side will Tipu-Barfi couple take? But is this the last chapter of Debina Sengupta’s house? The upcoming episodes of ‘Aaye Tabe Sahachari’ will unravel this mystery.

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Now Kaninika’s ‘companion’ Manjulika! Noise in Netpara