Nusrat is copying Yash! New video in front


  • From friendship to love-relationship then they have done this whole journey of becoming parents in twenty one
  • Not only that, Yash-Nusrat is handling the guardianship of little Ishan very well
  • But this time Yash’s fans fired at Nusrat

This time the digital desk: Among the hot and happening couples in Tolipara are Yash Dasgupta and Nusrat Jahan. This pair is always in the news headlines. There are many reasons behind this. In short, they have done this whole journey from friendship to love-relationship and then becoming a parent in 21 years. There was no less controversy for him about Yash-Nusrat. On the one hand, they had fans, just like their haters. Those who gave their name in love to Yashrat. The couple has now crossed the stage of boyfriend-girlfriend and become husband and wife. Not only that, Yash-Nusrat is handling the guardianship of little Ishan very well. But this time Yash’s fans fired at Nusrat. Nusrat (Nusrat Jahan) copied their statement Yash!

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But why did Nusrat suddenly hear that? Recently, Nusrat Jahan became the mother and father. Busy with work, they go to Goa in the New Year to spend their time managing Ishan. Have you ever tasted sea food there, ever dived into desserts. This couple has never played relay again. Yash-Nusrat spells such a twinning reel. From the glasses in front of the camera to the clothes are all changing. Although the two reels are separate, the Jashrat couple posted on Instagram at the same time. Seeing that, the fans asked such a question to Nusrat. Nusrat’s film ‘Swastik Sanket’ is about to be released soon. Recently, actor Yash Dasgupta was invited to his talk show. And there Jashrat discusses the details about them.

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There was a lot of talk about them. It was a difficult time for both of them when they decided to part ways. Yes, that’s right. Yash and Nusrat sat down to break the relationship. Why? Discussions about them constantly on social media, Yashrat broke down in the face of trolls. Yes, they can no longer tolerate personal attacks. So I thought I would never be together again. However, they have decided to forget all the days and stay together. Not only that, they are now the proud parents of Ishan. Not only that, soon the pair is going to come on the big screen. Yash-Nusrat will be seen in the movie ‘Mastermashai you haven’t seen anything’.

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Nusrat is copying Yash! New video in front