Recognition of environmental protection, a new tree named Leonardo


  • Actor Leonardo DiCaprio takes to social media to raise awareness against deforestation
  • Scientists say the naming is in honor of Leonardo
  • ‘Leo Tree’ is a newly discovered species of tree

Other times: Many people know about the contribution of Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio in the environmental movement. With that contribution in mind, a tree was named after Leonardo. Scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens have named a rare tree in the Cameroon forest the Leo Tree. This is of course the nickname. The scientific name is ‘Uvariosis DiCaprio’.

The jungles of Cameroon are famous for their biodiversity. Only a few decades ago, civilization did not fall into the clutches of that forest. Only forest dwellers lived there. But deforestation is still rampant in Cameroon. Elephants, chimpanzees and gorillas in Cameroon’s Ebo forest are endangered due to lack of normal habitat. Researchers have appealed to various international organizations against deforestation. The matter came to Leonardo’s notice. He raised the issue on his social media for awareness. Tonak nare authority. Uncontrolled deforestation decreases slightly.

The late Oscar-winning Hollywood’s first black actor, Sidney Poitier
Scientists say the naming is in honor of Leonardo. He has taken steps to protect the environment again – this is his little recognition. This ‘Leo Tree’ is a newly discovered species of tree. Its existence has not yet been seen without the jungles of Cameroon. Many are claiming that the species of this tree is also endangered. So the demand for protection of ‘Leo Tree’ has also arisen at the same time.
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Leonardo’s latest film ‘Don’t Look Up’ is being discussed in various contexts. One of them is the environment of policy-making politicians and their reluctance to save the planet. Leonardo plays the role of an astronomer in this film. Who is trying to save this planet. In the case of Leo in naming the new tree, many people think that real and real have become one. -News

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Recognition of environmental protection, a new tree named Leonardo