Ritabhari wants to steal what is Nusrat!

This time the digital desk: This is how Sister Hood of Nusrat Jahan and Ritabhari Chakraborty is known to everyone. Sister Hood of Nusrat with Mimi was once quite famous in Tolipara. They also called each other bonua. However, after Nusrat’s closeness with Yash, it is heard that there is a distance between these two girlfriends. But Nusrat has got his new Bonila. He is none other than Ritabhari Chakraborty. Nusrat Jahan’s chat show started with Ritavhari. There Ritabhari told Nusrat to open his mind.
‘I will not take more pictures’, why Nusrat said!

Within three months of becoming a mother, Nusrat regained her shape. Nusrat is always seen doing new photoshoots. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. This time the actress took a picture wearing a hot pants and shirt. Ritabhari fell in love with that shirt. The actress wants to steal the shirt of Nusrat Jahan. Boniller shirt is said to be liked! Nusrat (Nusrat Jahan) can not do! Nusrat said, “Take it anytime you want.”

eisamaySravanti dressed as a bride in red tuktuk benarasi, getting married again?
The actress is now drowning in work, leaving the divorce debate far behind. Nusrat has several photo works in addition to his own talk show. The new movie ‘Swastik Sanket’ is going to be released soon. Where Nusrat’s character’s name is Rudrani.
Just yesterday, Nusrat was seen doing an item dance for a production company in Bangladesh. The actress posted a video of the song on her Instagram on Friday. Beautiful Nusrat Jahan is seen swinging her waist in the song titled ‘Nach Mayuri Nach Nusrat’. The actress has joined the video under the direction of Baba Yadav. Luipa sang the song to the tune of Farzana Munnu.

eisamayNusrat is copying Yash! New video in front
Nusrat has been seen dancing on the back of a peacock’s feathers. A few days ago, the production company had made a song ‘Naughty Polapan’ with Sunny Leone and put it on the shelf. He also produced the song.

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Ritabhari wants to steal what is Nusrat!