‘Rudy wants a wife’, Rudranil’s marriage is arranged at Raj-Shubhsree’s house

This time the digital desk: ‘Rudy wants a wife.’ I am about to read the placard of Patri Chai in Raj’s assembly for my friend Rudranil! The viral video posted by director Raj Chakraborty caused a huge uproar in Netpara.

Over the last few days, one star after another has been attacked in Tollywood. Raj-Shubhsree, Dev-Rukmini, Parambrata, Mimi, Rudranil Ghosh are affected by Corona. On Thursday, it was reported that actor Soham was also attacked by Corona. Each of the stars is now in isolation, trapped in his own home. An old video posted by Raj in the middle of the retreat heard a lot of discussion about the marriage of actor Rudranil.

On Thursday, on the occasion of Rudranil’s birthday, Raj posted a video of a private chat to give him a special message. The topic of discussion there is ‘I want Rudranil’s bride’. It shows that Raj’s mother is worried about Rudranil’s marriage. His regret is, ‘Everyone got married (Rudranil) and never got married. You could not force marriage. You are the leader of the people. ‘ “Everyone is getting married,” he said. This time Rudy also wants a wife. Then Rudra smiled and replied that he had to find a girl from Raj’s assembly constituency with a placard. The team, like can apply regardless. Shubhshree from the side said, ‘I want Rudy’s wife, give me a wife’.

After that, little Yuvan was also seen joining the discussion. He also shouted and expressed some opinions in his own language. Rudranil said jokingly after seeing the deeds of Raj-Sri’s son, ‘Yes, you too join. Kakar’s marriage is being discussed ‘. Posting this video on Rudranil’s birthday, Raj wrote, ‘Happy birthday Rudranil Ghosh. Get well soon. I have to start seeing the girl ‘. Hearing Raj’s message, there was a lot of noise in Netpara, but did the wedding clarinet sound this time?

Raj Chakraborty and Shubhshree Gangopadhyay were attacked by Corona for the second time. One of Tollywood’s ‘power couples’ reported the attack on social media on Tuesday night. On the same day, Raj tweeted that Corona was infected. Shubhshree also shared the news of being attacked on his Insta handle. According to the actress, I am not affected by Raj Korona. For now, I am in seclusion. Those who have come in contact with us in the last 72 hours, please test. Everyone stay safe. Always wear a mask. ‘ He added, “We are fine and hope to be safe soon with your love and blessings.”

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‘Rudy wants a wife’, Rudranil’s marriage is arranged at Raj-Shubhsree’s house