Salman Khan leaked the secret of favorite bracelet!

Salman Khan: Salman Khan gets more than one expensive gift every time on his birthday. This year too he has received multiple diamond bracelets as gifts. But his everlasting favorite bracelet is the Turquoise Stone bracelet. Why is this bracelet so favorite?

Salman Khan revealed the secret of this bracelet. He said that his father Selim Khan had such a bracelet. As a child, he loved to see this bracelet in his father’s hand. He used to play with the bracelet whenever he got a chance. Later, when he entered the world of cinema, an identical bracelet was made for him. The blue stone is actually turquoise.

“Shah Rukh was able to make a vow for me!”, Salman demanded explosively
eisamay‘I ate snake bites three times’, Salman Khan opened his mouth!

This turquoise stone has saved Vaijan from many dangers. No, we are not saying, says Vaijan himself. ‘Whenever any negative energy comes near me, this stone absorbs that negativity. Veins appear on the stone. And within a few days the stone broke. ‘ Now the stone that is attached to the bracelet is the number 6 turquoise.

eisamayKatrina wishes Salman a happy birthday
Salman Khan ate snake bites on the night before his birthday. Later, in an interview, he said that after learning this news, his father first asked if they had done any harm to the snake. In reply, Tiger said that the snake was not harmed, but was carefully released into the forest.

ei samay
For now, this interview is viral in Salman’s place. A few days ago, of course, there was an uproar over another of his old interviews. In this interview several years ago Salman Khan Leaked a lot of unknown things. He said that the first offer of juggler came to him in 1993. At that time his father Selim Khan asked the producers to make some changes in the script.
When Abbas Mustan came up with the script, he asked his father for inputs. Dad asked to add mom’s angle in the script. But then the Abbasids did not agree. I also return the photo offer. Later Shah Rukh accepted the offer and the funny thing is, mother’s angle is also added! Just think! If I had juggled, would Mannat have stood in the bandstand today! ‘
What a funny trick, but at that time Shah Rukh Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) was stabbed by his nephew! Of course, all that will not be known today.

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Salman Khan leaked the secret of favorite bracelet!