Sultan is not Anushka, this actress was the first choice! Salman himself leaked

Salman Khan: Salman Khan There is no end to the practice. Be or what to say? Valid region is more than one. However, I have already revealed the reason for writing this report.

Mrinal Tagore went on the set of Bigg Boss 15 to promote his upcoming film Jersey with Shahid Kapoor. Salman Khan greets guests with a smile on his show stage (Salman Khan). And it was on this stage that the secret was leaked. He said that he wanted to work opposite Mrunal in Sultan movie. But the matter did not move in a positive direction. As a result, Salman cast second choice Anushka Sharma. And this is exactly the reason why the desire to work with Mrunal is still unfulfilled.
“Shah Rukh was able to make a vow for me!”, Salman demanded explosively
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Speaking on the occasion of the promotional event, Salman said, ‘Mrinal came to see me. Ali (Abbas Abbas) brought him to me. At that time, Mrinal did not look like a wrestler at all. When everyone burst out laughing after hearing this from Salman, Mrinal said that he had lost a lot of weight at that time. That’s what Salman thought. Shahid did not even know this secret. He was also surprised to hear this information in the face of the nephew!

Jersey team in Big Boss’s house

This heroine is responsible for having Salman’s mother-in-law!

A ‘Behind the Scenes’ video was shared on social media by the makers of ‘Jersey’. There it is seen how Shahid Kapoor has sacrificed his life to become Arjun Talwar. Shahid Kapoor has worked day and night to make cricketer Arjun shine on the big screen. During the cricket practice, Shahid got blood on his lips due to the impact of the ball. Not only that, there were 25 stitches to stop the blood of Shahid. Exactly how Shahid Kapoor was injured, in fact Shahid landed at 22 yards with the bat. There is no fatigue in Shahid Kapoor. Shahid is hitting the ball one after the other just like a professional cricketer. The lips of the victim-star burst immediately. The injuries were so severe that Shahid’s white jersey was seen dripping with blood.

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Sultan is not Anushka, this actress was the first choice! Salman himself leaked