This time Anirban is directing the story


  • Anirban Bhattacharya, the director of Mandar, is directing the film in the new year.
  • The name of the film is ‘Rolakatha of Vallabhpur’.
  • Badal Sarkar’s famous drama is the basis of this film.

This time: He has not directed a single film yet. But in the new year, his pictures are on the list, not without seeing all the pictures! Anirban Bhattacharya. The director of the web series ‘Mandar’ is coming to direct the film. The name of the film is ‘Rolakatha of Vallabhpur’. Badal Sarkar’s famous drama is the basis of this film. First job as a movie director. How excited? Is a fear also working? Anirban clarified, ‘If we look at the history of Bengali film, such a long legacy, it is very exciting to set foot there. If you ask me about the fear, I will say this, if the movie is released in the cinema hall, it will be proved in a few days, whether the movie is liked by the viewers or not. In case of web series, the content is kept in the bank. So even after a little release, it can get respect. Although the picture comes in OTT, but what will happen if it is not a good result if it is a movie, this is the scary side. And I have no idea what the audience likes or dislikes. Uncertainty has doubled in the case of viewers looking at pictures. The place of self-confidence is that if we all work together without any fuss, the audience will respect that integrity. ‘

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Drama is his root. The foundation of the ‘recession’ is also there. This time the foundation of the picture is also there. What made you decide to tell this story on the big screen? Anirban’s reply was, ‘When I was offered a picture, I thought of two or three thoughts. After discussing with the producer, I will make the film from this famous comedy of Badal Sarkar. Pratik Dutt and I are writing one together. We also do theater together in our group. In the current drama directed by Prakash Bhattacharya, Pratik plays the lead role. For him, not only dialogue, he knows the details of emotions. The first draft of the screenplay has been made at this moment. There will be a lot of work on that. Actor-actress selection work will also start. The mental preparation of their team will also continue. Thematically or visually it is a work in opposition to the ‘recession’. In this story two characters of Rajbari of Ballabhpur are seen. Bhupati Roy and servant Manohar. When they are strong financially, then the offer to sell the house comes. After that, what happens when two characters, the buyer and a ghost get together, will be in the film.

When will you shoot the film? ‘Omikronbabu Jabe will say, this time you can shoot, then you have to. Although not at the beginning of the year, I hope I can finish shooting before the middle ‘, revealed Anirban. Soumik Haldar is in charge of filming. Shubhdeep Guha and Devraj Bhattacharya are in charge of music.

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He is one of the best actors of Tolipara. How do you balance acting and directing? Anirban said, ‘I basically want to see myself as an actor. So I told the producer, I want to do only one job a year as a director. Especially in the case of a young person like me who has no formal education in cinema or screenwriting. We are learning by doing the work. So it takes more time. If you give that necessary time, it is possible to do only one management job in a year. Will Anirban become one of the best directors on the big screen? Keep an eye out.

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This time Anirban is directing the story