Vicky’s father is showing magic in the workout! Katrina got the credit of netizens

Vicky Kaushal Father Workout: After the boy’s marriage, the one-time stunt director started going to the gym to get fit again Shyam strategy (Sham Kaushal). The workout video of Katrina Kaif’s father-in-law has come to the fore. It is seen that Jim is doing a rope workout with his mind. And as soon as this video comes out, the hue and cry spreads on the net. Netizens have started talking, Katrina’s influence has started to be felt in the family.

On the one hand, as Kat fans praised Shyam Kaushal, some of them did not stop making slanting comments. But like everyone else, Katrina has come home, so she must be fit. While working as a stunt director in the industry, Shyam Kaushal has worked with stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Jackie Shroff, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan. So it is safe to say that he has always been fit.

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On December 9, Elahi Six Senses of Rajasthan was stranded at Fort Barwara Vicky strategy And Katrina Kaif. Vicky painted Kat’s skirt with family and friends as witnesses. He wore a diamond mangalsutra, a precious engagement ring around his neck. All this is now Kat’s most prized possession. On Monday, Katrina Kaif went to drop Vicky at the airport. Vicky Kaushal returned to work without a break after marriage. And sitting at home, Katrina is missing Sweetheart badly. Meanwhile, Kovid’s violence outside. He posted some adorable pictures to pass the time. Open hair, no makeup look, wearing beige color front open cardigan and diamond mangalsutra sparkling around the neck. Within an hour of posting the pictures, the pictures got over 14 lakh likes. As a result, it can be said with closed eyes that this album of Kat Sundari is also viral.

Mangalasutra on the throat, sweet smile on the face

Super QT ‘Boudi’ Katrina!

Katrina dropped Vicky at the airport!

On the other hand, Sunny Kaushal posted a picture on Instagram on Monday. Looking at the background, it looks like this picture was taken in the middle of the wedding ceremony at Six Senses Fort Barwa. Pose Like a King, Dress Like a Warrior written in the caption of the photo. And Katrina Kaif, the elder wife, could not help but comment on this picture of Adar Deor. Wrote Vibe Hai … Bass, this one comment of Katrina made Sunny Kaushal’s picture viral at the moment. The excitement of the fans overflowed. Netizens called Katrina’s comment very cute.

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Vicky’s father is showing magic in the workout! Katrina got the credit of netizens