‘You are beautiful’, I will fall in love with Rukmini in quarantine


  • Dev-Rukmini can be seen together most of the time
  • Star MP Deb did not spare to praise Rukmini while sitting at home
  • But Corona has separated Dev-Rukmini

This time the digital desk: Dev attacked by Kovid. Not only Dev but also his girlfriend Rukmini Maitra was attacked on the same day. Dev-Rukmini can be seen together most of the time. But Corona has separated Dev-Rukmini. They are the ones who have isolation in their house. But it doesn’t matter! Star MP Dev did not spare to praise Rukmini while sitting at home.
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In fact, Rukmini uploaded a picture of herself on Instagram. And in the caption of that photo he wrote, ‘Quarantine craving…’ and the emoji has cake, coffee and chocolate. And I will comment on this film. That’s why Dev’s sense of humor is appreciated everywhere. This time Dev joked with Rukmini and said, ‘You are the only one in quarantine who looks so beautiful.’ However, Rukmini Maitra also reacted to Dev’s comment. He writes, ‘Virtual embrace in you’!

eisamayRafiat Rashid Mithila, who is infected with corona, has mild symptoms
Fake news spread that Dev’s corona was attacked on Wednesday morning. But at that time Dev assured his fans that he is completely healthy. Later, however, the actor got the result of the medical test. It is known that the actor became positive. Not only that, but Rukmini Maitra was also attacked. However, Dev also said that he does not have any symptoms. So the actor is in a good mood in quarantine time. Just what! Dev, who was sitting at home with Parambrata and Srijit Mukherjee, wanted to eat biryani, mutton pressure and firni.

Sharing a screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation with a friend, the actor tweeted, ‘Am I a little too capricious?’ Deb’s tweet is the first to be noticed. Immediately the idea plays in the actor’s head. Absolutely, all the friends in the world who have been affected by Corona can have a ‘positive’ meal together. To which Dev writes, ‘Partner, you are always positive.’ However, all this has been a funny trick.

eisamayArijit Singh, a woman suffering from coronary heart disease, is an asymptomatic artist in isolation
That’s how the end of 2021 went well for Dev. After the second wave of Corona was cut, the third wave of Corona came without seeing the face of profit in the movie ‘Tonic’ starring him and Paran Bandyopadhyay. However, the good news is that the cinema hall is open with 50% of the audience. The Bengali film ‘Tonic’ starring Dev and Paran Bandyopadhyay. Housefull has been showing this film since its release. Dev’s two films ‘Kacheer Manush’ and ‘Raghudakat’ are going to come in 2022.

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‘You are beautiful’, I will fall in love with Rukmini in quarantine