Tim Cook’s Wondrous Decade at Apple (without Steve Jobs)

Tim Cooks Wondrous Decade at Apple without Steve Jobs

WashingtonTim Cook, in his first interview as Apple’s chief executive after Steve Jobs’ death, confessed an anecdote from his latest conversations with the company’s founder and visionary. “One of the things he did for me, that took a gigantic weight off my shoulders that I would have normally had, was tell me a couple of … Read more

Tim Cook’s 3 greatest successes as a CEO of Apple

Tim Cooks 3 greatest successes as a CEO of Apple

The genius of finance The comparisons are odious and from the one that arises between Jobs and Cook it has always been concluded that although Jobs offered magic in each product, the current CEO draws his magic wand for numbers. And it is often said as something pejorative, but if you analyze it with a … Read more

Making apple spirits taste better

Journal Reference: Andreas Liebminger, Christian Philipp, Sezer Sari, Markus Holstein, Volker Dietrich, Manfred Goessinger. Monitoring of Carboxylic Acids by In-Line Conductivity Measurement to Determine Optimum Distillation Strategy for Distilling Apple Spirits. ACS Food Science & Technology, 2021; DOI: 10.1021/acsfoodscitech.1c00327 For hundreds of years, apples have been a good base for liquors, such as Calvados in … Read more