Bollywood again Sanai marriage, this time Farhan-Shibani at seven!

Bollywood again Sanai marriage this time Farhan Shibani at seven

Farhan Akhtar-Shibani Dandekar Wedding: Farhan Akhtar and Shivani Dandekar have been living in for several years. Many times they have been asked when they will move towards marriage. But every time this topic is avoided. But all of a sudden a whisper is being heard everywhere. Farhan Akhtar and Shivani Dandekar are getting married in … Read more

After partying, several Bollywood stars attacked Corona, finally Karan Johar opened his mouth

After partying several Bollywood stars attacked Corona finally Karan Johar

Highlights Karan Johar lives with his two sons and daughter Ruhi Yash and mother Hiru Johar The director himself said on Instagram that he had taken the test once or twice and the report came negative in his whole family. As well as Karan Johar’s cleaning, all sorts of covid rules are observed in his … Read more