Sravanti dressed as a bride in red tuktuk benarasi, getting married again?

Sravanti dressed as a bride in red tuktuk benarasi getting

Highlights During the wedding season, many celebs were tied in seven knots In such an atmosphere, actress Srabanti Chatterjee (Srabanti Chatterjee) caught the red, tuk tuk, red tuk tuk benarasi in Sindhi. So what is the fourth time the heroine sat on the wedding pedestal! This time the digital desk: Bollywood to Tollywood, wedding clarinet … Read more

Henshele bride Kat, what did you cook for Vicky?

Henshele bride Kat what did you cook for Vicky

Vicky Kaushal-Katrina Kaif News: Just like the new wife serves ghee-bhat to the relatives in our Bauva, the rule of the Punjabi family is that after marriage the new wife will go to the in-laws’ house and cook and eat something sweet. Following this custom, Katrina Kaif entered the kitchen for the first time on … Read more