Want to take care of your skin? These 7 foods will be bajimat!

Want to take care of your skin These 7 foods

This time living desk: Winter has come a long time ago. It has been quite cold in the state. Everyone is in a great mood. Chutiye is enjoying the winter. However, during the winter, the risk of various physical problems increases a lot. At the very top of these problems will be skin problems. Because … Read more

Inner Care: Tips to take care of your genitals, not just your appearance …

Inner Care Tips to take care of your genitals not

Highlights In order to keep the body healthy, we have to take regular bath, eat food, keep these toxins clean and tidy, we also have to take care of our genitals (Inner Care). The genitals are a very sensitive area and it is not advisable to use alkali like soap there. Use intimate wash every … Read more

Corona is terrified at home? Take care of the mind in this way!

Corona is terrified at home Take care of the mind

Highlights It is normal to be a little worried about this disease. Problems if that thought affects life. You have to do something to feel good about yourself. This time living desk: Corona is a disease that affects people in many ways. In this case there are mental problems along with physical problems. In this … Read more

Hair Care Tips: Hair Loss? Follow this home remedy three days a week …

Hair Care Tips Hair Loss Follow this home remedy three

Highlights According to experts, pollution causes more damage to the hair. In busy life it is important to take more care of hair. However, with a little effort, it is possible to get back the shine by cutting the dry feeling of the hair. So experts have suggested some home remedies that can easily get … Read more

Large skin care test – we test organic skin care – Food Pharmacy

Large skin care test we test organic skin care

In association with parfym.se Do you also suffer from winter dry rent? Our need for moisturizing has never been greater than right now. Minus degrees, long-distance skating and cold mornings in the stable have left their mark. We definitely need to devote a few extra minutes to the skin every morning and evening! So therefore … Read more

Skin Care Tips: Mix this ingredient with aloe vera! The skin will shine like gold

Skin Care Tips Mix this ingredient with aloe vera The

Highlights If the health of the skin is good, peace of mind as well as body. So it is important to keep the skin well to keep the body and mind well. The use of aloe vera in skin care has been scientifically proven. This time living desk: We all have the urge to maintain … Read more

Take special care of the baby in winter! The disease will be far away

Take special care of the baby in winter The disease

Highlights Numerous germs become active all around in winter. The direct effects of winter on the body of the child should not be allowed. Immunity is created from vaccine. This time living desk: According to the Meteorological Department, the temperature in the state will drop a lot with the arrival of the new year. And … Read more

What is natural skin care? – Food Pharmacy

What is natural skin care Food Pharmacy

Food Pharmacy Store ABs integritetspolicy Food Pharmacy Store AB (“Food Pharmacy”) works to ensure that your privacy is protected when using our services. Food Pharmacy is responsible for the personal data you send to us in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this privacy policy, we inform you about why and in what … Read more

“You can’t see radioactivity, you can’t feel it, so people don’t care”: in Brennilis, nuclear power no longer mobilizes

You cant see radioactivity you cant feel it so people

The Brennilis plant, in Brittany, in 2012. Since then, nothing has changed. YVERGNIAUX/ANDIA.FR We can’t miss it. From the top of the village, perched on the highest mountain range in the region, the concrete dome emerges from the hilly landscape of the Arrée mountains. The reactor block of the Finistère nuclear power station of Brennilis … Read more