Companion is keeping a close eye on the phone? How to return his trust?

Companion is keeping a close eye on the phone How

Highlights It is very important to have faith in the relationship. Relationships are strengthened by relying on trust. So we have to focus on building trust among ourselves. This time living desk: Mutual understanding is essential for a relationship to thrive. Because this understanding builds trust in each other. Then one can rely on each … Read more

Now Kaninika’s ‘companion’ Manjulika! Noise in Netpara

Now Kaninikas companion Manjulika Noise in Netpara

Highlights Tarja serial fans in Netpara ‘Ay Tabe Sahachari’ – Manjulika, the villain in the serial, claims netizens Mim-made in serial Tarja Netpara This time the digital desk: Bhulbhulayara manjulika sign-ice world! So the noise in the netpara. ‘Manjulika’ has appeared to create a storm in the Sengupta family of ‘Ay Tabe Sahachari’. This is … Read more