Daniel Kaluuya and Marcus Rashford appear among the most influential black people in the UK

Daniel Kaluuya and Marcus Rashford appear among the most influential

EFE Latam Videos Transparency, one of Xiomara Castro’s priorities in her first 100 days Tegucigalpa, Jan 11 (EFE).- Transparency and the repeal of laws will be priority issues in the first 100 days of government of the new president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, whose inauguration will be attended by the vice presidents of the United … Read more

Daniel Kaluuya: who is Fred Hampton, the real character for whom he won the Oscar 2021?

Daniel Kaluuya who is Fred Hampton the real character for

According to the criteria of Know more In the early hours of December 1969, Chicago police raided the apartment of the young leader of the Black panthers, Fred Hampton. After a hundred shots fired, with only one by some accounts targeting law enforcement, Hampton and his comrade Mark Clark were dead, while six other members … Read more

For “Next Door”, Daniel Brühl in front of and behind the camera

For Next Door Daniel Bruhl in front of and behind

By Clémentine Goldszal Posted today at 07h00 Reserved for our subscribers PortraitSince its revelation, in 2003, in “Good Bye, Lenin! », The actor has built a filmography as rich as it is international. For his first production, the German takes the main role in a comedy which allows him to make fun of his own … Read more