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FREEPIK The art commedy (comedy of art) was a dramatic form that developed in 16th century Italy that eventually spread throughout Europe. It had stock characters and a predictable plot line. The closest Philippine equivalent was the moro-moro, which, like the comedy, is no longer staged anywhere. Occasionally, however, the term is used as a … Read more

Trattoria dell’Arte trumpets return of hungry Carnegie Hall customers

Trattoria dellArte trumpets return of hungry Carnegie Hall customers

Guests at Wednesday night’s gala reopening of Carnegie Hall will thrill to the triumphant strains of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra. But the most exciting sounds at Trattoria dell’Arte at 907 Seventh Ave. across the street will be the renewed buzz of customers chowing down on veal chop parmigiana, burrata-stuffed ravioli and … Read more