53 famous Aries: Sarah Jessica Parker, Lil Nas X and Lola Indigo share horoscope and zodiac sign

53 famous Aries Sarah Jessica Parker Lil Nas X and

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and this is reflected in its characteristics. Aries people, according to traditional western astrology, belong to a sign of positive nature and cardinal quality. They usually be noble, be full of energy, pursue your goals, whatever the cost, they are always willing to risk and above all, … Read more

Lil Nas X: the blasphemous gay rapper who reigns supreme in Gen Z

Lil Nas X the blasphemous gay rapper who reigns supreme

The star who has made trolling an effective ‘marketing’ tool is in the top-5 of all the charts Black and queer, he refuses to become an activist and even criticizes “internalized misogyny in the LGTBI collective” With a careful aesthetic, a congruent theme and a somewhat shy performance, Lil Nas X jumped into the public … Read more

Who is Lil Nas X: his age, his known ex-boyfriend, the story of his name and the viral challenge that launched him to fame

Who is Lil Nas X his age his known ex boyfriend

THE FASHION RAPPER From overnight, Lil Nas X went from being a simple kid uploading songs to Soundcloud for fun to becoming a worldwide star with the premiere of MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name). The American rapper has a controversial career and many successes behind him. Lil Nas X It has proven that it … Read more