‘Community’ Star Gillian Jacobs, ‘Aladdin’s’ Marwan Kenzari to Lead XYZ Films’ ‘Any Other Night’ (EXCLUSIVE)

‘Community Star Gillian Jacobs ‘Aladdins Marwan Kenzari to Lead XYZ

“Community” and “Love” star Gillian Jacobs and “Aladdin” break-out Marwan Kenzari are set to lead Berlin-set romantic comedy “Any Other Night.” Written by Patrick Whistler and directed by Michiel Ten Horn, the comedy follows two strangers thrown together as their lives are falling apart. Freshly dumped Maggie (Jacobs) and flailing cab driver Max (Kenzari) meet … Read more

Mimi surprised Anindya in the middle of the night

Mimi surprised Anindya in the middle of the night

Highlights Meanwhile, everyone knows about the friendship between Mimi and Anindya (Anindya Chatterjee) Occasionally they were seen sipping a cup of coffee together This time Mimi appeared at Anindya’s house at midnight This time the digital desk: Actor Anindya Chatterjee The most familiar face on television. Anindya has been seen in movies as well as … Read more

Skin Care: Apply this oil on your face every night to remove stains and blemishes! Learn

Skin Care Apply this oil on your face every night

Highlights People have to work hard to maintain the beauty of the face. Acne can have serious psychological consequences, including acne, dark circles and acne. Almond oil may be the solution. This time the living desk: Rabindranath Tagore has said in ‘The Last Poem’, ‘Fashion is the mask, style is the mask.’ So we go … Read more

Nutrition Tips: Not Brandy or Ram, take a sip of this drink to warm your body on Christmas night …

Nutrition Tips Not Brandy or Ram take a sip of

Highlights Celebrity nutritionist Puja Makhija has shared a post (Nutrition Tips) on her social media site about how dehydration affects the body this winter. With this, he said, water helps to keep our body warm. This time the digital desk: Tremble! Hands and feet are cold! Feeling warm near the severity of winter is rare. … Read more

Teeth Damaging Foods: Toothache in the winter night? Exclude these 5 foods from the diet …

Teeth Damaging Foods Toothache in the winter night Exclude these

This time the digital desk: Only sufferers know what a toothache is. If at any time the tooth pain (Teeth Damaging Foods) starts at night, then you have to face the problem. If this situation happens to you, then exclude these 5 foods (Teeth Damaging Foods) from the diet.Teeth Damaging Foods are not the only … Read more

Gf Vip, in the night Soleil unloads Alex Belli: «Go, they are c … yours». But she too did like Delia

Gf Vip in the night Soleil unloads Alex Belli Go

Continue to soap opera in the House of the GF Vip, signed Alex Belli, Soleil Sorge and Delia Duran. If yesterday Signorini addressed the issue of betrayal on the contrary, with Delia who has kissed another (according to many fake ones, including Belli), went on tonight in the House “the film“. As always, after the … Read more