“He doesn’t want to tell me how much he has won, he’s afraid we’ll stop pocket money”: the parents of cryptoplayers

He doesnt want to tell me how much he has

JUntil now, things were simple. There were people who invested their money seriously and those who spent their money in the casino. The CSP+ boomers had first watched the purchases of bitcoins and other cyberbonbecs with the pitiful amusement that one reserves for the second group. Everything changed when their own children dared to invest … Read more

NY Times’ Nikole Hannah-Jones Says She ‘Doesn’t Understand’ Why Parents Should Have A Voice In Children’s Education

NY Times Nikole Hannah Jones Says She Doesnt Understand Why Parents

New York Times reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones echoed 2021 gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s unsuccessful comments on the role of parents in education. NBC’s “Meet the Press” dived into the theme of “Schools, America and Race” on Sunday, using Hannah-Jones’s “Project 1619” as its theme. Project 1619, as well as critical race theory, have been the subject … Read more

Parents less aware when their kids vape than when they smoke

The study, which tracked more than 23,000 participants aged 12 to 17 years old, found that parents or guardians were substantially less likely to report knowing or suspecting that their child had used tobacco if the child used only e-cigarettes, non-cigarette combustible products or smokeless tobacco, compared to smoking cigarettes or using multiple tobacco products. … Read more

Evenings with our children: what if we enjoyed it? – COOL PARENTS MAKE HAPPY KIDS

Evenings with our children what if we enjoyed it

Ah! Family evenings … This little cocoon in which it should be good to meet in the evening, to share our discoveries of the day, our projects, our difficulties, and have a real good time together… Yet this moment of reunion is often polluted by all this logistics: the preparation of the meal, the storage, … Read more