Tollywood actresses intoxicated by the touch of red! You too in this outfit

Tollywood actresses intoxicated by the touch of red You too

This time living desk: For those who say that blue was the favorite color, it’s time to think about it. Because one of the favorite colors of women is red, who does not know. And if you see the red love pictures of these first line heroines of Tollywood, you too will be forced to … Read more

The rain of red, the uninhabited village, the mystery of twin children in this country

The rain of red the uninhabited village the mystery of

This time Digital Desk: What people can’t explain is a mystery to him. It doesn’t have to be explained again, it has to be like mind. That is why there is no shortage of mysterious places in the world. And our country is in the first row among all those places. Hanging pillars, magnetic mountains, … Read more

‘Red Alert’: 20 years of chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Jhonson: “On set we were like an older couple”

The two actors have been in Hollywood for decades and now they have coincided in the Netflix action comedy. Theatrical release on November 5. In fiction, John Hartley, an FBI agent, and Nolan Booth, a highly wanted criminal, are the protagonists of Red alert. In real life we ​​know them as Dwayne Johnson and Ryan … Read more

Sravanti dressed as a bride in red tuktuk benarasi, getting married again?

Sravanti dressed as a bride in red tuktuk benarasi getting

Highlights During the wedding season, many celebs were tied in seven knots In such an atmosphere, actress Srabanti Chatterjee (Srabanti Chatterjee) caught the red, tuk tuk, red tuk tuk benarasi in Sindhi. So what is the fourth time the heroine sat on the wedding pedestal! This time the digital desk: Bollywood to Tollywood, wedding clarinet … Read more

Astronomers capture red supergiant’s death throes

Journal Reference: W. V. Jacobson-Galán et al. Final Moments. I. Precursor Emission, Envelope Inflation, and Enhanced Mass Loss Preceding the Luminous Type II Supernova 2020tlf. The Astrophysical Journal, 2022; Volume 924, Number 1 [abstract] Led by researchers at Northwestern University and the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), the team observed the red supergiant during … Read more

The child’s eyes become red again and again, know the cause and the way to fix it

The childs eyes become red again and again know the

This time living desk: The skin, eyes and various organs of young children are very sensitive. Like the skin of children, the eyes are also a very sensitive organ. Children’s eyes are often seen to be red. When the eyes are red, there is a feeling of dryness, itching of the eyes and even watery … Read more