Can N95 mask be used repeatedly? What do Kolkata experts say?

Can N95 mask be used repeatedly What do Kolkata

Highlights The N95 mask provides the most protection. Wearing this mask reduces the risk of spreading the disease. So health workers are wearing this mask. This time living desk: The Corona situation across the country is worrisome. The number of victims is increasing by leaps and bounds every day. The same is true of our … Read more

Repeatedly falling head over heels? Heart disease may be behind the scenes!

Repeatedly falling head over heels Heart disease may be behind

Highlights In the language of medical science, unconsciousness is called syncope. This happens when there is not enough blood supply to the brain. Failure to treat at the right time can lead to stroke or cardiac arrest. This time living desk: According to experts, stress, eating habits, changes in sleep time, lifestyle Ignorance (Fainting) The … Read more