Feed the baby by force? Unknowingly bringing their loss!

Feed the baby by force Unknowingly bringing their loss

Highlights When children are forced to eat food, they do not do it well – they start chewing and swallowing. These foods do not work in their body. They vomit all the food as they eat in a huddle. This time living desk: The mother or an older member of the household feeds the child … Read more

Keeping an indoor plant at home? You are not doing anything unknowingly …

Keeping an indoor plant at home You are not doing

Highlights The city of concrete is constantly losing its green touch little by little. In the hope of green, many people now prefer to plant different types of indoor plants on the balcony or in the corner of the house, in the tub on the roof. Plenty of indoor plants are now available for purchase, … Read more

Are you unknowingly torturing your child? Be careful now

Are you unknowingly torturing your child Be careful now

This time living desk: Parents use a variety of methods to educate and nurture their children during their upbringing. But unknowingly the parents use something that has a bad effect on the mental and psychological health of the child. While raising children, parents unknowingly continue to abuse their children. Negative behavior with a child is … Read more

Eat and go to hibernation? Unknowingly calling the problem

Eat and go to hibernation Unknowingly calling the problem

Highlights Increases blood sugar levels. Metabolism is a problem. There is a strong fear that the sleep will not be good. This time living desk: Nowadays, no one has any time at all. Eating, sleeping are all measuring time. Allocated 10 minutes for eating, 5 hours for bathing, 8 hours for sleeping … This is … Read more

Drinking less water in winter? Unknowingly bringing great danger!

Drinking less water in winter Unknowingly bringing great danger

Highlights Most of the human body is water. Water is needed for all kinds of misery in the body. If you have a urinary tract infection, drink enough water. This time living desk: The temperature has dropped. He is wearing winter clothes. What a wonderful way to screw people over. And a bad habit has … Read more