Chickens are waiting for slaughter due to the loss of infected slaughterers – No privacy, no data for RIVM – Foodlog

Chickens are waiting for slaughter due to the loss of

The Corona effect of January 19, 2022, the Foodlog selection of the corona news from the (inter)national press. The Corona effect highlights cracks in the food chain, traces of new food systems and the ‘new healthy’. Here you will find our previous selections, in Spotted our daily newsroom. “We are not doing worse than other … Read more

What is Binance planning in Indonesia? 300 million residents are waiting for Bitcoin!

What is Binance planning in Indonesia 300 million residents are

After the planned success of Binance suffered badly from increased headwinds from western countries in the third quarter of 2021, Binance is increasingly turning its attention to Asian countries. Concrete negotiations with the richest family in Indonesia are said to be under way. Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world with a trading … Read more

Kendall Jenner dazzles in a knitted vest from Bec & Bridge (which already has a waiting list)

Kendall Jenner dazzles in a knitted vest from Bec

The knitted vest or the favorite trend of the street-style Why miniskirts have become a ‘must’ among the muses of ‘street-style’ Names of prestigious fashion consultants always stand out, but above all the most reputable are top models and celebrities. Assiduous to go from event to event, in each of their appearances they capture the … Read more

If these 5 symptoms appear in the body, start exercising quickly! Otherwise the danger of waiting

If these 5 symptoms appear in the body start

Highlights If you want to live a healthy and normal life, you have to exercise. Otherwise, big problems can be caught. Exercise for at least 30 minutes throughout the day. This time living desk: We don’t have the right address in life now. In the name of fast life, various bad habits have become our … Read more

Do you work continuously? Big danger waiting!

Do you work continuously Big danger waiting

Highlights This practice is pushing people towards big problems. Sitting continuously puts pressure on the neck and spine. People who sit down have higher blood pressure. This time the living desk: Now dynamic life. But even in that momentum, we just sit there. Our little brain. Yes, we are happy to use the brain. There … Read more

Excessive heart rate during exercise? Danger waiting!

Excessive heart rate during exercise Danger waiting

This time living desk: Arnab Ghosh. Age 36. IT staff. After shifting for 10 hours, spend 45 minutes of gym in the remaining time. Sageguje first went to the gym and did a free hand exercise. Then the treadmill begins. But now he sees that his heart rate is increasing to 180-190 while doing treadmill. … Read more